Fuel Right



Today’s ULSD (ultra low sulfur diesel) blends have changed the fuel industry considerably. Stabilizers are less relevant to the ULSD blends and biocides do not dissolve or eliminate sludge problems. Polishing diesel fuel simply centrifuges sludge out of the fuel into a filter system but does not resolve sludge issues.Sludge is a microbial phenomenon and only Fuel Right has the right combination of ingredients to deal with sludge, corrosion and fuel line freeze-ups. Developed over the past two decades, Fuel Right Chemistry is unique and uses a powerful combination of amines to slowly dissolve existing sludge, while preventing growth and build-up of new sludge. These amines also protect tanks and fuel system components from corrosion, even in the presence of free water and remaining old sludge. Fuel Right also improves lubricity thus extending the service life of injection pumps and other high wear fuel components. Fuel Right contains glycol ether, a necessary ingredient that protects against fuel line freeze-ups in cold weather climates.

Proven in laboratory testing over the past 16 years, Fuel Right has been tested against more than 85 competitive products and has out-performed everyone.
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