What do I do if I need spare parts?

Visit the Website www.purporaengineering.com and visit the parts section.

Where do I find training information? 

Please visit the Training and Certification page for currently scheduled classes.

What to do if my Petro-Tite hand pump  the stops working

You can replace the O-Rings using a kit supplied from our parts section please ensure that you know whether or not it is a Parker pump or a Teledyne Pump this will be on the casting of the pump.

How do I determine if there is too much air in the line

By performing a BleedBack test the procedure for this can be found in your Petro-Tite line tester manual, if you need one please contact our office.

What does metering pressure mean on a leak detector

The Metering pressure of a mechanical leak detector is the pressure at which it stays in slow flow before it fully opens, typically this is around 10 – 12 Psi.

What does line resilience mean for a leak detector

This is also sometime called BleedBack this is the amount of liquid that is drained off when taking the pump from operating pressure down to zero Psi.

What is holding (seating) pressure on a leak detector

This is the pressure at which the check valve is holding the line at.

What is the operating pressure of a leak detector

This is the pressure at which the pump is operating at under normal full flow conditions.

Where do I find the current certifications for Petro-Tite

These can be located at the National Work groups website at Click Here.

What liquids can we use our Petro-Tite unit on

The Petro-Tite can be used with any free flowing liquid although some liquids may damage the seals so a replacement o-ring kit maybe required after testing.

My Ullage software shows “Analog input board #0 not installed”

Run Instacal (this can be found in Programs-Measurement Computing folder) ensure that the software can see the board.  If installed correctly the board should be displayed in the program.  If displayed click left mouse button on it, select Test from the top of the screen and run a digital test on the board, you should see two green lights if everything is ok.  Close down Instacal and open the Ullage Software.  If this does not work try rebooting the machine.  If you are still experiencing difficulties call 262-536-4081.

My Tank Explorer says “DAQ error”

Open Tank Explorer, select Hardware from the top menu followed by Channel 0, in the top left of the screen is a dropdown box labeled “Physical Channel” ensure this says cDAQ 1Mod 1/ai0 and click Save.  Repeat for each Channel.  If this does not work ensure that there is a green light on the Signal Conditioner box (where the load cells plug into).  If there is a green light but you can’t select the channels in the hardware section reboot your machine.  If none of the above works, please call the office and arrange for an online support session to resolve.

Where do I find the latest ALERT certifications

These can be found at www.nwglde.org or at www.kwaleak.com