Line Testing

The Petro-Tite line tester was the first line tester to be certified to meet the EPA requirements, since then the Petro Tite line tester has been used to locate leaks as small as .0080 gph. The safe hydrostatic test method allows the technician to use the fuel or water already in the line at the time of the test allowing for quick and easy testing of the pipeline.

The Petro-Tite line tester is a hydrostatic precision pipeline testing system. In addition to being accurate, the speed of the test allows the test technician to achieve a true volumetric measure of the line being tested in as little as 30 minutes. The self contained unit allows testing of the line and leak detection equipment with one piece of equipment. With the additional manifold system the trained test technician is capable of testing 3 lines at one time, saving time and money.

The Petro-Tite line tester can be modified to test chemical pipelines as well as larger hydrant pipelines. More people depend on this method every day worldwide than any other EPA Certified line test equipment.

The Petro-Tite line tester does not require expensive annual recalibration, saving on the cost of this and lost productivity. We do require the technician to stay certified every 2 years via our online re-certification program.

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